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Hector Rail är ett privatägt järnvägsföretag som erbjuder tågtransporter till kunder såsom industri, speditörer och andra järnvägsoperatörer på den europeiska marknaden. Med utgångspunkt från en stark finansiell plattform designar vi moderna, hållbara, kreativa, kvalitativa och effektiva lösningar som skapar värde för våra kunder.

300 engagerade medarbetare och 75 lokomotiv levererar imponerande 7,2 miljoner tågkilometer per år i Sverige, Norge, Danmark och Tyskland. Vår ambition är att våra medarbetarens sammansättning ska präglas av mångfald.

Sedan november 2016 är även GB Railfreight en del av Hector Rail Group. För mer information om GB Railfreight, besök gärna:


Join our team in Operation Center and become a part of Hector Rails important functions. We have several job opportunities in different roles, for you to possess and develop in:

– Duty Control Manager

– Control Manager

– Transport Leader

Hector Rail is in an expansion and offers stimulating work in a dynamic environment with many contact surfaces. You get the opportunity to evolve in your profession.

Do you think the job position sounds interesting? Apply in English and write what position you apply for in the subject line

Email your application to:

The Operation Center in Hallsberg is in transition into a more efficient and intelligent working methods. The aim is to transform delivery of production schedule as well as handling operational deviations and disruptions in an optimal and solution-focused way. Strong security and risk awareness permeates all the work being carried out. With high quality and mature awareness, the control over customer traffic is concentrated on geographical areas of monitoring and analyse locomotives/wagons and train crew.

Job descriptions for Duty Control Manager (shift based role):

Leading the team on duty, taking decisions unhesitatingly when required and building confidence in the capacity of your team to succeed. Responsible for making decision within the control office outside of the standard working hours of (9am – 5pm) when the Head of OC is unavailable.

Managing and communicating of plan revisions and other information throughout Hector Rail, its customers and contractors. Efficient real-time direction of the Control Office to ensure that all Control Staff have the required information and guidance to make correct key decisions, leading to the safe, efficient operation of Hector Rail Train services.

Supporting the Performance Manager with the attribution of Level One Delay Resolution Data detailing initial causes of the incident and further monitoring of delay incidents to ensure reactionary delays are dealt with correctly.

Qualifications needed for the role as Duty Control Manager:

  • Railway industry experience, preferably gained within the Control department
  • Experience of people management and strong leadership skills
  • Railway Geographical knowledge
  • Customer focused and the ability to work under pressure.
  • Flexible to work a shift based roster
  • Able to apply strategic thinking in response to service disruption
  • Confidentiality and discretion used when dealing with sensitive matters
  • Good communications within Hector Rail staff, its customers and contractors at all times, especially in response to short term planning requirementsAbility to make a decision in the absence of the Head of OC

In addition to Swedish, be able to be comfortable communicating in English, both orally and in writing.


Hector Rail

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